Natural Are Meanies? Clearing Up Myths Of Natural Hair


It’s actually really funny writing this, because it sounds comical in every bit of the way. The talk in the natural community is that “Naturals” are mean , and down right horrible to other naturals. I think that a lot of people want to act like their hair gurus,and they’re actually not. Going “Natural” should be something that you do for yourself, not because you see everyone else doing it, and you feel you are being left out the new craze. Ladies, and gentlemen please stop with all these natural hair rules that you have just made up, because you feel you put more work into your hair than someone else do.

Hair Products

People let’s get this straight right now. Just because you spend $20 on a simple hair gel or conditioner does not mean that it’s any better than your average $3 or $5 dollar bottle of product. The main idea is to use hair products that your hair loves, and one that can benefit you by adding length, moisture, and healthiness to your curls.

Co washing

This is a subject that a lot of naturals can’t seem to agree on. Do co washing actually cleans your head, or are you walking around with a dirty head. Yes! Co washing is indeed cleaning your hair and scalp from debris. Conditioners also have detergents, but they are different from those found in shampoos. They use cationic surfactants (or quats) which have the tendency to stick to the hair, which is how they provide conditioning. Common quats are Cetrimonium Chloride or Distearyldimonium Chloride. They’re used at levels between 1% and 5%. Although they do stick to the hair, these ingredients also have the ability to cleanse the hair.

Natural Hair Isn’t For Everyone

How can anyone say natural hair isn’t for everyone when we were all born rocking our natural textured hair? Come on, we all have the little pictures of us on different holidays sporting a mini afro, or a head full of springy curls, with a big smile plastered on our faces. The only person that natural hair doesn’t look good on, is the ones that’s too lazy to comb, and take proper care of their curls.

Ok, I’ve just practically responded to a few questions on Naturals, and about natural hair. Hope this helps someone.                                                           Love,

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