Are You Using The Wrong Shampoo?

TIGI Bed Head moisture maniac Shampoo & Condtioner 25.3 oz DUO

Recently I’ve been noticing  people are using a clarifying shampoo like its not harmful and its actually is. Why? A clarifying shampoo is supposed to be used once a month to six weeks to remove all the nasty product buildup we accumulate over time from rocking our dos! So if your shampoo says clarifying, you might want to go and find a water based, moisturizing one. I suggest TIGI Moisture Maniac . This product I have been doing a lot of research on, and have used. The moisture that it adds to your hair is simply unbelievable. To make your hair even more softer, manageable, and healthy use the conditioner also. I have a recipe for a deep condition treatment using it also. I’ll share that at a later date. Hope this helped someone out!


                                                                                  Curliegyrl  Free



2 thoughts on “Are You Using The Wrong Shampoo?

    • Great! I’m doing some long box braids in my hair this weekend. Hopefully you’ll check out my protective style article on them, coming soon. Thanks for reading!

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