Soreness Of The Scalp (Chemo And Natural Hair Care)


One of the most frustrating things cancer victims have to go through is the loss of their hair. Along with the loss, is pain and tenderness of the scalp. This pain is due to the chemotherapy medicine damaging the hair follicle cells.  It is suggested that before you start chemo it is best to shave off your hair. Shaving off your hair helps ease the pain of the scalp when chemo begins. I wish I followed these suggestions when I started chemo because I wouldn’t have suffered such discomfort. All I did was cut my hair down low into a TWA. Several weeks after I started chemo, my hair began to come out in clumps. Along with that came the pain and tenderness.

Laying my head on a pillow was very painful. Satin scarves, bonnets and pillow cases didn’t help either. While getting chemo one day at the cancer center, I was going through a basket of knitted caps that were donated by local volunteers and knitter. I selected several caps and tried them on to see what would fit me. It turns out they were just perfect for my sore scalp.  I then wore them all the time. What a relief to lay my head down in comfort. To get some relief from the soreness I would rub aloe vera  gel fresh from the plant unto my scalp. I would mix olive and jojoba oil to keep my scalp well moisturized.  This also helped with the soreness and made my scalp soft.

The pain and tenderness does eventually go away with time. One thing to remember; our scalp is an extension of the skin on the rest of our body. The same way we buy numerous skin care products to pamper our bodies is the same way we should pamper our scalps.

Below are two images of women who have lost their hair to cancer.



Love, Peamy


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