JessiCurl I’m Rocking!

First I would like to thank JessiCurl for sending me their Confidence Collection to review. You Rock!!


Confidence Collection Included

  • Hair Cleansing Cream
  • Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment(can be used as a leave-in)
  • Confident Coils Styling Solution

(No Fragrance Was Added)

Let me start out by saying the cleanser really got my hair clean. I only used 1oz of the bottle, and I got a lot of lather from it. The bottle does say you might not, but shockingly I did. My hair was squeaky clean, I could tell from the hair my hair felt and looked. How did it look after just the cleansing? It shined like I had applied some oil sheen. After the cleansing, I used the Extra Moisturizing Conditioner. Image

Wet With The Shea Too Extra Moisturizing Conditioner

After leaving it in for 5 minutes , I rinsed it out and loved how my curls looked. I shook them from side to side, and watched them form. Niiice! Now it was time to add the Deep Conditioning Treatment that I decided to use as a leave-in. I love to leave a bit of conditioner in my curls anyway, It makes me feel they’re more protected that way. I did add my spray bottle of oils after, just to make sure my head would have that peppermint smell I love so much. This conditioner has great slip!! My curls were just popping all over the place, my hair was so manageable, and no frizz!!!  It was just The Confident Coils Styling Solution left. This product was the most important for me, because I had been really searching for a great styler. It was nice and creamy, not sticky at all. I made sure I applied only a dime size, because usually a little goes a long way. Perfect! That is how this product is, don’t use too much, just a dab for each section. My curls were shiny, and elongated! I didn’t have no shrinkage!! It was hanging!! I feel in love instantly! Whooo! “Thank You JessiCurl!”


Confident Coils Styling Solution

Do I recommend JessiCurl? Yes I do!! I was skeptical about it at first, because I felt curlies were just   saying it worked because it was a product that has made a name for itself in the natural hair community. Honestly, if you’re a 3B-4C, this is an excellent product line for u!




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