My Worst Fear – Chemo & Natural Hair

Throughout my life I have had many adventures. These adventures had to do with friends and places I I have lived. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer a new adventure started in my life. All types of thoughts came rushing in my mind when I was given the horrible news. Of course the main question was “will I die?” After being consoled by Doctor and given my options, I felt somewhat relieved. Then the shocking realization set in that I would lose my hair, fear hit me all over again. My hair at that time was shoulder length and permed, I took great care of it by going every three weeks to have it done. I prided myself on the health of my hair. I always wanted to go back to my natural state but I was nervous on what other people might think. With much discussion among family and friends I decided to have my hair cut short. I decided to do this so that it won’t be such a shocker for me when the chemotherapy medications started to break my hair out.

     Chemo came along with the usual side effects; nausea, weakness, tiredness and pain. At week three I noticed I didn’t have any hair loss. I was holding out hope that my hair would stay intact, well one day at week four I was washing my hair and I felt a slight tug on my scalp. That is when my hair began to fall out in clumps. I went to my hairdresser and have her shave the rest off. I didn’t cry over the loss but it through a time if depression. My hair stylist saw what I had been going to for over eight years took it hard. I kept telling myself that it was just hair and it would grow back. I wore my hair in colorful scarves daily. I was blessed that I had coworkers who were very supportive. Through them I collected over thirty baseball caps and scarves. One thing though; I was not ready for others to see my beautiful bald head, not even my close friends. I then made the decision to grow my hair out and become a natural.

     I then started researching natural hair products and companies. In 2007 it was very overwhelming experience with some of these companies. I started to use Karen’s Body Beautiful and Oyin handmade hair care products after reading the glowing reviews. These products worked very well for my newly growing hair and my tender and pain filled scalp. I used a newborns baby brush to brush my hair. Hair care was relegated to wash and go’s. I used Jamaican Black Castor Oil to oil and treat my scalp. (Below I have a picture on my new hair growth after chemo).

     Throughout my posts I will discuss my journey on my hair throughout chemo and radiation treatments. What a journey it has been.



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