Lint? “OH NO!”

I’ve been having a Hard Time with keeping the lint out my girls’ heads, and I’m starting to think if their heads are calling out to the lint to come play. My girls are 6, 17 months and 27 months with a head full of hair. Imagine my hair DAYS, because believe me they can get rough. Here’s a method to keeping the lint out of your little curlie’s hair



   Stocking Roller

  • 1. Wrap a brush with a sheer stocking.
  • 2. Brush the linty area with quick strokes, then brush all the way through the hair.
  • 3. Pluck the lint from the stocking, then repeat until all the lint has been removed.


Honestly this is the easiest way to do it for stubborn little toddlers. IT’S QUICK, easy and you won’t have tp listen to their CRYING.


                                                                                           Later, Curlygyrl



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