Sleek & Shine On These Curls!

Hey Curlies!

Thought I’d drop in and tell you about Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine that I tested out for BzzAgent. Now I know us Curlies aren’t strangers to Fructis, we know how Hello Hydration is one of their brands that’s great for our hair. Well, Sleek & Shine is incredible too. I honestly have to say I loved the amount of slip it gave me and my daughter. I used it as a leave-in instead, because it worked best for me that way. My curls were shiny and manageable, TWO THUMBS UP!! Now, the shampoo (boo boo face) I didn’t use. Only because I’m doing the curly girl method, so I used someone else’s head. Drum Roll! My hubby’s! He keeps a low-cut , so all I noticed was it was shiny, smelled good, and clean. Would I put this in my hair regimen? No. Why? Even though it did a great job, I love my other conditioner better. With my opinion being said, love your locs, and kinks!                Love Always,



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