Please Back Away!

Hello Ladies!

Have you ever been the victim of a stop and sniff? That’s when any random person just walks up to you and sniff your hair,m not once , but sometimes twice? Now they don’t do it when you’re fully aware of their presence, but when you’re minding your business doing something else. Then that’s when you hear that long sniffing sound. “What the heck!!?” you say to yourself, then you turn around and is face to face with the sniffer! Ok, that’s a nice compliment and all to know that you have nice smelling hair. I always smile and say “Excuse me, my hair feels violated”. This line always seem to crack up the person, and they ask the routine questions..

  1. How long have I been natural?
  2. What products do I use in my hair to get that scent?
  3. How do I keep my curls so shiny?
  4. Is natural hair care easier than processed ?

Even though this incident always freak me out at first at the end I always gain a natural hair sista!!







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