Smooth ‘N Shine® Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer

Hi everyone!! As my fellow Fabolous Curlie members already know I test out products for BzzAgent. The newest product that I got selected for is the Smooth “N Shine  Keratin Power Tamer. Well I’m a little hesitant in this , so I’m up early researching the product before I put it in my beautiful curly hair. I found a video on a s that I thought you’d all like to look at.

I will definitely keep you gals posted on this , maybe it is what we all have been searching for.


10 thoughts on “Smooth ‘N Shine® Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer

  1. Hey fellow BzzAgent!!! I just signed up for this too! Im kinda scared bc im transitioning to natural hair to (9months no hair crack). I cant wait to compare notes with u.

    • WoW! Great job!! If you need a hair buddy, or natural hair tips you should come on over to the Fabolous Curlies fb page! We have all types of fun on that page.

  2. I just signed up for this campaign too, and am scared. Lol I have seen one review that said to never use it, but she said her hair was already damaged. Another woman said she loved it.

  3. I am very scared also and I got my kit yesterday through bzz. After reading that the product contains sodium hydroxide, which the active ingredient in relaxers, I have decided not to put in my hair. I am going to let Bzz know today.

    • That is scary. I did ask a girl on yt if her hair reverted back & she said yes. I have always thought though, that if something was going to go wrong, it would be with my hair. Ugh.

      • Alexis, I’m so glad you found that was an active ingredient.Woooh! I will not be using it also. I will let Bzz know also. @Eboni, I tried researching it and couldn’t find any info on it. Let me know if you find out anything else. @ Kamilah, I say don’t use it. I would be so mad if we had to start our journey all over. This has been a very enlightening 6 months for me.I just got my curls on point. The funny thing is I think just like you too, if anything happens, it would be to my

  4. I am a bzz agent as well. I just got this campaign and I am also scared. The only information that I can find is from other bzz folks.

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