DeVa Up Your Cut

What’s the coolest cut for a Curlie? A Deva Cut!! Now I have seen women who have got them, and it’s amazing the difference that a few layers can make. Now here’s some tips to consider before going and getting this great cut

1. Make sure your cut is done while your hair is dry not wet!! We don’t wear our hair wet, so it shouldn’t be cut that way. What will end up happening is that you will end up with way shorter length than what you thought you would have.

2. Don’t be afraid to tell the stylist that you want a certain style. It is not her head, you are paying for this cut.

3. Never let a stylist that say they are also natural do anything to your hair , if you notice at that time their hair is processed.

4. Take photos of people with the haircut you want, that would help the stylist alot.

So go ahead! Make your head happy with a stylist cut for the summer! Be a Diva, get a Deva Cut!


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